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Monetize your content with World Anvil

An example of an author making money off worldbuilding with a patreon-only RPG supplement

Earn money from your worldbuilding

If you’re wondering how to make money off worldbuilding, you’re in the right place! World Anvil lets you monetize your content your way, and with any platform - from Patreon to your own store front. Whether you’re creating RPG supplements and DnD adventures, serial fiction, novels, comics or just writing a fascinating setting, making money off worldbuilding is easy with World Anvil!

Monetize your work, your way

World Anvil is beautifully designed for easy digital content monetization. You can monetize content that stands alone, like RPG supplements and DnD adventures, short stories and novels, and even sell original characters! Or you can look at content monetization for supplementary material, like additional novel chapters, deleted scenes, or extended lore from your books, podcasts or streams!

An example of digital content monetization  - this author has chosen to monetize content on World Anvil with a custom access denied page
An example of an author releasing Patrons only content, and looking to get more patrons, using World Anvil

Offer exclusive access to Patrons and Supporters

World Anvil integrates with ANY monetization platform or storefront, but our Patreon support allows you to link your Patreon directly to your author page, your world and your published books and novels. Easily keep Patrons Only content private, whilst releasing small tidbits to the public, and use custom access denied pages to get more patrons, and show people how they can support you!

Manuscripts: The all-in-one online publishing platform

With our book writing software and digital publishing platform, you can not only release articles, maps and timelines to your fans and customers, but long form fiction and campaign books! This is a great way to give controlled early access to Patreons or beta readers (no leaked PDFs!). When you’re ready to release, you can make chapters, and additional imagery and audio files, only accessessible to your customers, patrons or superfans! Learn more about our publishing features!

An example of content monetization using World Anvil’s online publishing platform

Content monetization is just one capability of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

World Anvil is a magnificent multitool, so make sure you check out our other features! It’s the ultimate place to keep your whole world safe, secure and organized, and to market your world to your fans and potential customers through interactive maps, family trees and wiki-style articles!


World Anvil is the ULTIMATE writing toolset
created for authors of all types of fiction

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your writing! Track everything from character motivations and subplots to timelines and geography, and keep everything private whilst you work. Reference your world bible whenever you want to write or get inspired!


Raise hype for your next release to boost its success! Your fans will be thrilled to explore the world you've created! You can share stunning character profiles, maps and timelines, and invite your fans to comment and get involved while they wait for the next installment!


No more lost notebooks! Your work is backed up on eight different servers multiple times a day, and you can export your world too - so you'll never lose your progress, whatever happens! Oh, and if something's set to private, not even WE can see it!


Want to give an editor access to your worldbible? Or maybe you want to co-author, or work as part of a writing team? Now you can do that wherever you are in the world! Give different levels of access to different writers, and even let your fans contribute fanfic!


Monetize your worldbuilding to kickstart your creative career and support yourself between book releases! Give exclusive access to extra content - like character secrets, short stories or advanced chapters - to your Patrons, supporters and paying customers!


Join a community of over 750,000 worldbuilders and solve problems together! Make friends with like-minded writers, and get inspired by author's interviews, community and competitions!