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Visually Interconnect your World
throughout Time and Space

Does your Story or Campaign interweave timelines across the continent?

Both Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons have a confusing timeline, as does the Witcher, Lord of the Rings and so many fictional properties out there
(don’t even get us started on SciFi and time-travel)!

Chronicles is the solution to represent your timelines, calendars and maps visually to your players and readers. Interweave time and space together, like a master Chronomancer.


Bring your World to Life

Upload a map, and connect your locations directly to your timeline, cementing these events in the geography and history of your world.

Allow your Readers to Explore

Dynamically changing maps can take your readers and players to the location of an event with one click, allowing them to be where the action is.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff!

Multiverses, conflicting histories, time travel - sometimes just one timeline can’t tell the full story! Chronicles allows multiple timelines at once, giving your readers the full context…


Dictate your own Dates

Create your own custom calendar in Chronicles (if you’re not a fan of the Gregorian one, that is)! Choose how long days, weeks and months are in your world.

Master Temporal Magic in No Time

The Chronicles Set Up Wizard is designed to get you off to a running start! It takes you through every step, giving you a thorough understanding of the true potential of Chronicles!

Timelines all the way down

Just click on a location to see ALL the events that took place here! Or click on a long event, like someone’s life, to see all the milestones along the way. It’s timelines within timelines, and within locations!

Chronicles are just one part of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

World Anvil is not a map making software, you’ll need a map image to create an interactive map. Check out our reviews of the top fantasy map makers and DnD map makers in our blog!

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