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Uriturri (Uri-turr-i)

Uriturri is the largest Settlement in the Badlands and the only Hovering City on Urlurra.

The City rests on a disc of mostly igneous rock with a fine web of interspersed Flotatiorite at the bottom, causing a thirty centimeter gap between the surrounding surface and its base. The Float (as it is colloquially called) has a span of 1500 meters and has an average height of thirty meters with the topmost elevation sitting at exactly forty meters.

"I always thought it would make a sound" said Krista to her Tour-Guide, a fellow Dwarf with a seemingly permanent Grin affixed to his Face. "It does, but only if something gets in its way." he explained looking thoughtful at the visible Separation between Ground and the Float.

"How do we get up there?" was the next Question she had. It had never occured to her that there might be a different Way than Air Travel to reach the Top, well, beside the Obvious Idea of climbing up the bare Cliffs.

"There are Cranes and Lifts around the Perimeter, this is the Natural Side" he told her and putting the last Word in air-quotes, then continued: "Shame it isn't rotating, that would save us the Trip around to get to the public Elevator."


The Float drifts with around four kilometers per hour towards east and southeast, following a roughly round path, spiraling towards the center of the Badlands before returning to the outside of the area. While it moves, it keeps itself aligned towards magnetic north.


While formally governed by a Citizen Council, it is widely accepted that TINK Inc holds the City in a firm grasp through economic and geopolitical measures.

Industry & Trade

Uriturri has a long history of being used as a type of Free Port on Urlurra and still embraces being a hot spot for Trading.

Local production is almost non-existant due to the lack of space, making the City dependent on unhindered Access to the Rest of the World.


While Tourism and Education appear, on the Surface, to be the Bread and Butter of the City, most Money is actually made through Transporation.

As all Goods need to be delivered either through the many Air Couriers or hoisted up from the Ground by Cranes and Elevators, a sizeable Portion of the Population is actually working in one way or another, to move Goods and People where they need to be, either within the City or on the Interface.

For this reason, the City has excellent public transportation, handled through a network of below or above ground railways and raised highways for private transport.


The History of Uriturri is thankfully well documented and preserved in various museums and universities.

It is quite fitting that our founding mother had the moniker: The Mad.
Who else, if not Thersa Follgrim, renown Adventuress, would've tried to climb a 10 men high rock cliff just to settle on the top?
— Lady Follgrim, Chief Curator, City Museum Uriturri


Beside its otherwordly uniqueness and astounding phyiscal properties, Uriturri has many Museums, exhibition spaces, parks, and culinary art to offer.

For many, it is also the first stop on their Protagonist-Training.


Most of the historic Wall is still intact, as is the old Citadel, which now functions as a Museum for the History of Uriturra.

The Streets around the Center of Mass are dominated by two 100-floor high skyscrapers: The Orange Courtain Building and TINK Inc. Park. Both are surrounded by smaller, less impressive, office buildings and the Gnertsch Mall.

Remarkable for its combination of natural beauty and impressive craftsmanship is Shortsprawl Distrinct in northwest Uriturra. For twohundred years, the Joaten Utzi, a piece of the Float that has broken off the main Disc in the last 300 years, is seemingly only held to the City by a thin Bridge. On the Fragment, a Park and various Freewalks leading over the Edge provide relaxation and thrill if desired.

Natural Resources

There are no natural resources left on Uriturri, having long been mined or otherwise extracted from the poor soil and hard rock.


Alternative Name(s)
Uriturri by TINK Inc.
Large town
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Deity ka_jan

Jan Kaltenecker
"Thunder rolled. It got a 6." — Guards, Guards by Sir Terry Pratchett
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