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As you enter the bank vault, your gaze falls upon the Halfling standing next to two suspicious looking individuals in the middle of the steel framing. He does not seem to notice you but instead focuses intensively on a point somewhere on the ceiling.

He appears to be muttering some arcane phrases while gesticulating as if weaving magic. You follow his look and the first thing you see is a giant 10 times 10 meter hole in the solid carbon fiber reinforced cement ceiling.

The second thing you notice is the almost equally enormous safe floating straigt upwards through said hole.

The Inverse-Gravitation spell is a useful tool for Graviturgists to manipulate the mass-proportionate force of attraction among matter by properly using magic.


This spell is capable of reducing the density of an object or organism, therefore relieving it from the boundaries of gravitational force that keep things from floating away.

Novice Graviturgists are usually taught exclusively within enclosed areas as to prevent the effects of miscalculation of their spellwork and associated accidents. Empathic instructors may also invest in a well-padded floor.

Masters of their craft are capable of stabilizing the density of an affected object or organism in order to reach a targeted altitude in which it will then, if not otherwise influenced, start to drift away sideways as the planet continues to rotate beneath it.


So far, there are only two known methods to counteract the effects of an Inverse-Gravitation spell:

  • A special potion that resets the density of the organism to its original state.
  • A rather expensive piece of footwear that keeps the wearer from floating off the surface of the planet.

Practical Applications

This kind of magic is commonly used in construction work as it facilitates the transportation and lifting of heavy material.


According to Chapter IV of the Arcaneum Urlurriatis, the origins of the Inverse-Gravity spell goes back to a shrewd trader who invented this spell to manipulate the apparent weight of goods in order to increase their sales value. In magical-read circles it is rumored, however, that the slightly overweight inventor primarily used his spell to change the displayed weight on the scales in his favor to appease his constantly nagging spouse.


Material Components

Either a pinch of Flotatiorite dust or 10 grams of Jellyray dung.

Related School
Applied Restriction

Common to all Graviturgy sub-spells is the requirement of an already exisiting gravity field or similar pull towards a big mass.

The Inverse-Gravitation spell is not capable of reducing the density of an object or organism below its original level.


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